Sunday, April 24, 2016

the negatives of mob mentality

    I believe that mob mentality has a mostly negative impact on society, a prime example of this is    in Lord of the Flies chapter seven. The main event from this chapter that I'm focusing on is when   the group of boys surrounds, chants and stabs Robert. "Kill the pig! Cut it's throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!" ( Golding 114 ). Before any of this happened the boys had just planned on playing a game and fooling around, but things quickly spiraled out of control and somebody was injured as a result. Mob mentality isn't completely bad though for example in chapter 9 when Ralph goes to visit jack and his tribe. "Piggy and Ralph found themselves eager to find a place in this demented but partly secure society" ( Golding 152 ). When he visits them jack commands some of his followers to do the "dance", and when they do excitement quickly sweeps over everybody there. Even Ralph and Piggy couldn't help but want to join in. This example is positive, because while they were doing that "dance" it convinced Ralph and Piggy to act out of character and join in to have some fun with the rest of the boys.

In my opinion mob mentality is a mostly negative thing. But it is not completely evil. As I have shown mob mentality does have the potential to create a lot of fun times and amazing things. So mob mentality is not a good thing but it is far from the most heinous acts committed by man.

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